TECHMEETING 2018 in Ostrava, Czech Republic:
Awards for contribution to the diving community.
IQSUB - Xccr, Hammerhead
Divesoft - Liberty ccr
Aquadao - Rebelccr

Slider  16.06.2017


Techmeeting Awards  29.03.2018

Ukraine / Kiev 25.02.2016

Czech republic  16.02.2016

Презентация в Европе  02.2016

Место:      2016 

Организация:                    ASTD

Presentation in Europe   02.2016

Place:        2016

Organisation:                     ASTD

Презентация в Киеве  02.2016



Presentation in Ukraine  02.2016




Rebel CCR

The new backplate "LongCave" is designed for cave and long dives with Rebelccr™ rebreather, but can be used with almost any rebreather.
While retaining all the advantages of the previous model, it reduces the height of the assembled Rebelccr™ rebreather by 20%, which makes it possible to pass narrower spaces,
and also allows you to virtually get rid of back pain during long dives.

LongCave Backplate  16.06.2018