The new backplate "LongCave" is designed for cave and long dives with Rebelccr™ rebreather, but can be used with almost any rebreather.
While retaining all the advantages of the previous model, it reduces the height of the assembled Rebelccr™ rebreather by 20%, which makes it possible to pass narrower spaces,
and also allows you to virtually get rid of back pain during long dives.

LongCave Backplate  16.06.2018

TECHMEETING 2018 in Ostrava, Czech Republic:
Awards for contribution to the diving community.
IQSUB - Xccr, Hammerhead
Divesoft - Liberty ccr
Aquadao - Rebelccr

Slider  16.06.2017


Techmeeting Awards  29.03.2018

Ukraine / Kiev 25.02.2016

Czech republic  16.02.2016

Презентация в Европе  02.2016

Место:      2016 

Организация:                    ASTD

Presentation in Europe   02.2016

Place:        2016

Organisation:                     ASTD

Презентация в Киеве  02.2016



Presentation in Ukraine  02.2016




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